Instructional Programs

EXPLORE ARCHERY is a one hour introductory session which provides an overview of the safety rules, the equipment, the lesson outline and a demonstration.

Youth who are interested in taking the classes must register and have their parents sign the USArchery liability release form. Space is limited and students are chosen on a first to register basis.

The Explore Archery event is free. The three class lessons require a $15.00 per class payment for a total fee of $45.00. The PMOPC Archery Club is self funded and contributions are welcome.

RECURVE INSTRUCTION: The below description is a general description and will be adapted depending upon the needs of the students and Instructors.

  • Class I: Learn parts of the recurve bow, arrow and string. Assemble a recurve bow, string the bow and unstring the bow. Review accessories. Range safety. Standard whistle commands and range rules.
    Determine archer’s draw length, bow size and arrow size.
  • Class II: Learn the NTS Steps of Shooting. Take first shots.
  • Class III: Review safety and range rules and practice shooting using the NTS Steps of Shooting.

An “adaptive archery program” is available, with parental assistance, to provide equipment modifications or additional equipment needed to accommodate the archer with special needs.

archer’s draw length